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Sophie Maziere Expert advice & guidance

Sophia is a native of Paris and a long term resident of Sri Lanka. Real Estate & property have been her family for over 40 years. Sophie’s professionalism, experience and dedication results in clients finding their perfect property.

Her extensive network of contacts across the island provide her with an exclusive list of properties, often not available to other agents. Attention to detail and due diligence ensure every option is a safe investment for her clients and each sale comes with an extensive pack of required documentation.

  • Expert in Sri Lanka property
  • Network of contacts throughout the country
  • Works for you
  • Tailored options
  • Fair pricing

Sophia offers a fully tailored list of properties to match your requirements. You know you’re getting the best deal and only real estate that suits your specific criteria

During the property search phase, Sophia charges a flat $500 per month. When you purchase a property or piece of land this fee is waived and 3% of the property value will be charged to the seller and 1% to the buyer. For long term rentals, Sophia takes 1 months rent per year, and for short term, 10% of the rental value.

Any investment can appear daunting at first glance, but with Sophia’s expert knowledge she will guide you through the process and ensure the outcome is to your satisfaction.
Villas for Sale in Sri Lanka

Luxury complexes or colonial chic - given the range of villas for sale, you can be assured there is a perfect property for you in Sri Lanka.

Bare land for sale in Sri Lanka

A clearing in the jungle, a hillside in the tea country or a stretch of beach is waiting for you to develop.